Check? Warning! Failure! messages and their explanation

Message: Cannot find the file '....'

In your AUTOEXEC.BAT file or Windows Environment variables, check that COMSPEC= points to the correct location of

If so, please create the specified folder and copy into it.

You can find by using Find Files from the Start menu.


Check (1)? Unspecified element: facet: ___ element: ___ in line ___ - see Table 2. Delements = N

If data have been matched to Model= statements, and then ignored because they do not match a Labels= element number, that number is listed Table 2 in the Output= file. Check for numbers omitted after Labels=, or miscoded in the Data= file. Delements= specifies whether element numbers or element labels or both are expected in the data file.


Example: Check (1)? Unspecified element facet: 1 element :13 in line 2594 - see Table 2. Delements = N
In the data, line 2594, facet 1 has element number 13.
In the Labels= list, under facet 1, there is no element 13. So the data is treated as unspecified. This element is shown in Table 2.

If you want to analyze it, add 13 to the element list for facet 1. Also any other similar elements.
Facets only reports the first unspecified element found, so Facets may report another element as unspecified after you account for element 13.


Example: R5 11001106        1        1-3        4        3        4
Check (1)? Unspecified element: facet: 1 element: (unknown) in line 168 - see Table 2. Delements = N
In this line, blanks and tabs have both been used as separators. Use either blanks or tabs.


Check (2)? Invalid datum location: "___" in line: ___. Datum "_" is too big or non-numeric, treated as missing.
An observation has been treated as a missing response because it does not comply with the matching Model= statement. If the datum is meaningful, change the Model= statement, or recode the datum with a Rating (or partial credit) scale= specification. To avoid reporting missing-data codes, add them to Missing data codes=


Warning (1)! Estimate out of range! Facet ___ Element: ___
The current estimate of this element has exceeded the range of the mathematical routines. You may have elements with many responses, but almost extreme scores. You may have categories with very few responses. Contact us for assistance.


Warning (2)! Subset checking bypassed.
Specify "Subsets=Y" to verify that the data are connected, so that measures are in one frame of reference.


Warning (3)! This is NOT referenced by a Model= specification
Rating (or partial credit) scale= specifies a rating scale (or partial credit) that is not referenced in a Models=statement.


Warning (4)! More than 32000 rating scales (or partial credit items) specified. Observation bypassed.
The computational capacity of Facets has been exceeded, probably by using a "#" model for a facet with more than 32,000 elements.


Warning (5)! Subset connection not verified.
Facets did not run for enough iterations to check for subset connection. Specify "Subsets=Y" and "Iter=".


Warning (6)! There may be ___ disjoint subsets
See the explanation of connectedness. You need to redefine your facets, collect more data, or anchor some elements or groups.


Warning (7)! Over-constrained? Noncenter= not in effect.
There is no non-centered facet. The estimates may not converge. This can occur when:
1) No non-centered facet is specified, e.g., Noncenter=0
2) The non-centered facet is not modeled, e.g.,
Models=?,,?,D; Facet 2 is not modeled
3) The non-centered facet is anchored, e.g.,
2,Agents,A; Facets 2 is anchored
1=Item 1,-2.3; Element 1 anchored at -2.3


Warning (8)! Under-constrained? Noncenter= for two or more facets
There may be ambiguity in the measures due to the facets moving relative to each other. Stability of measurement requires no more than one facet to be unconstrained for each data element. This problem often shows up in summary measures, such as by demographics. Only Noncenter= one demographic characteristic in each analysis.


Warning (9)! Screen area is too small. Use Control Panel to adjust your Display.
The bit-mapped graphics need high screen resolution. Please go to Control Panel - Display - Settings -Screen Area. And slide pointer to the right. 1024x768 or bigger are recommended.


Warning (10)! No elements specified for facet ___
A facet is defined in Labels= but immediately followed by *, another specification or end-of-file. Did you intend to define elements for the facet?


Warning (11)! Plotted interactions pruned to first 250 per Excel plot
An Excel file written by Facets would contain too many columns. It has been pruned to a valid number for most versions of Excel.


Warning (12)! Duplicate ratingscale= ____
Two rating scale= specifications define the same rating-scale name.


Warning (13)! Measure values specified for elements in group-anchored facet ___ without a group number
You may have omitted the group number after the measure value. Without a group number, the measure will be treated as a starting value.


Warning (14)! Estimation diverged
Facets was unable to obtain estimates for which the observed score = expected score. This may be because Noncenter= is not active or the estimates are anchored.


Warning (15)! Duplicate element labels ignored for element matching: facet _  (label)
Facets is trying to match an element identifier in the data with the element labels and has discovered that two elements in a facet have the same label or the same label abbreviation before :


Warning (16)! Null element (Null=)  is specified in Labels= for facet _ (facet number)
If the Null= element is an active element in this facet, please specify a different element as the Null= element.


Warning (17)! _ in "Delements=X" ignored, not N or L
Delements= specifies whether element identifiers in the data are element numbers N, element labels L, or both NL LN


Warning (18)! _ excess responses ignored
There are too many responses in the data line. Extra responses are not processed.


Warning (19)! at line ... * or number = value expected
The list of elements in Labels= is expected to contain "facet number=facet label", then "element number = element label", then * at the end of the list for each facet. Something may be missing.


Warning: Active Excel columns to right of responses
Please look at your Excel worksheet. There are non-blank columns in it on the right-hand-side of the columns of Facets data. If those columns are intentional, then please ignore the warning message. If those columns should not be there, then please delete those columns. If there are no non-blank columns, then please check that the Facets specifications are correct.


Failure (___)! _____________. Contact
Internal program failure. Please email this information to along with your control and data files. These failures are rare, and we wish to remedy them immediately. You will be emailed how to download a corrected version of Facets.

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