Rasch Measurement & Analysis Consultants

Please contact one or more of these experts directly for assistance with Rasch analysis. The amount of assistance offered and its cost is decided by the consultant. Winsteps.com has no control over, or financial interest in, the activities of these independent consultants.
Disclaimer: Winsteps.com provides this information as a public service, with no guarantees as to the quality or price of the services offered.

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Some of these consultants are available on a full-time basis.

Name Location Email: x = @ Software Special expertise
Nikolaus Bezruczko Chicago/Rome Nbezruczko x msn.com Winsteps/Facets Theory-based test models, automatic item generation, linear measurement
Rita Bode Chicago, IL r-bode x comcast.net Winsteps, Facets Medical rehabilitation
Daniel Bogoya Bogota, Colombia dbogoya x yahoo.com Winsteps, ConQuest Item calibration and parameters estimation
Spanish, English
Bill Bonk
University of Colorado at Boulder
bonk x colorado.edu Facets, SPSS, R Performance assessment, Survey design and analysis, growth curve models, Educational measurement English, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese
Bill Boone Oxford, Ohio boonewjd x gmail.com Winsteps Variable and output interpretation
Introductory, Intermediate, Advanced Workshops in English and German
Nestor Santillan Carpio Lima, Peru santillan.ng x pucp.edu.pe Winsteps General psychometrics
Spanish, English.
Drew Carson Chicago, IL drew.carson x yahoo.com Winsteps, SPSS, R K-University assessment and institutional research; development of online tests and aps; market research
Joseph Chow Kui-foon Hong Kong SAR, China chowkf x ied.edu.hk Winsteps, SPSS, AMOS Surveys/questionnaires, rating scales, Rasch measurement, citizenship education.
Chinese, English
Jerome D'Agostino Ohio and Arizona dagostino.22 x osu.edu Winsteps, Facets scale/test development, equating, validity analysis
English, basic Spanish
Eric Dionne Montreal, Quebec, Canada eric.dionne x umontreal.ca Winsteps, Conquest, SPSS French, English
Sandra Dolan Chicago area sandy x psychometrician.net
psychometrician x sbcglobal.net
Winsteps, SPSS www.psychometrician.net
Test and certification exam development and analysis, job task analysis, standard setting, NCCA accreditation, surveys/questionnaires
Yi Du Minnesota, United States ydu x datarecognitioncorp.com Winsteps, FACETS Measurement, Equating, Rasch models and other psychometrics
English, Chinese
George Engelhard Atlanta, GA, USA gengelh x emory.edu Facets Writing assessment and tests of English as a foreign language
William P. Fisher, Jr. New Orleans, Louisiana, USA william x livingcapitalmetrics.com Winsteps, Facets, SPSS LivingCapitalMetrics.com
surveys, questionnaires, rating scales, assessments, health care, education, sociology, qualitative-quantitative synthesis, phenomenology
English, French + capabilities in 12 more languages
Carl Granger, Paulette Niewczyk
Uniform Data System for Medical Rehabilitation and Center for Functional Assessment Research
Buffalo, NY
cgranger x udsmr.org Winsteps Clinical (medical management) problems
Julie Grondin Quebec, Canada docimetrique x gmail.com Winsteps, Facets, Rumm2030, SPSS, R www.docimetrique.ca
Rasch measurement, educational measurement, Script Concordance Tests, surveys/questionnaires, rating scales, item formulation, general data analysis French, English
Peter H. Harasym Calgary, Alberta, Canada Harasym x ucalgary.ca Facets, Winsteps, Statistica Medical Education, OSCEs, Survey/Test Construction, Certification, and Research Methods
Moritz Heene Graz, Austria heene x psy.lmu.de Winsteps, Facets, ConQuest, Winmira 2001, SPSS Psychometrics, scale/test development, educational research and evaluation, Rasch related simulation studies
German, English
Zongyue Her Taiwan zongyue1966 x yahoo.com.tw Facets IRT
Chinese, English
Mike Jabot Fredonia, New York jabot x fredonia.edu Winsteps, Facets and ConQuest Research in Science Teaching
Zhang Jie Guangdong, China zhangjie617 x gmail.com Facets ESL
Chinese, English
Kmetrics (Peter Congdon) Australia peter x kmetrics.com.au ConQuest, Quest, RUMM2020, SPSS www.kmetrics.com.au
Ute Knoch Melbourne, Australia uknoch x unimelb.edu.au Facets Rater and rating scale analysis
English and German
Mingyang Liu Toledo, Ohio, USA ming8678 x gmail.com Winsteps/Facets/SPSS/R scale/test development, educational research and measurement, Rasch models
Juho Looveer Sydney Australia; Fiji Juho.Looveer x gmail.com
Edumetrics x gmail.com
Educational data; General Psychometrics; DIF; Equating; Surveys; Satisfaction surveys
Livia C. Magalhães
Federal University of Minas Gerais at Belo Horizonte
State of Mina Gerais, Brazil
liviam x gcsnet.com.br WINSTEPS Rehabilitation and Child Development
Portuguese, English
Akbariah Mohd. Mahdzir Johor, Malaysia akbar x citycampus.utm.my SPSS, WINSTEPS, RUMM Scale development, validation
English, Malay
Nathan Markward Baton Rouge, LA, USA nmarkward x gmail.com Winsteps, Facets, Conquest, NOUSCAST, R, SAS, SPSS Genomic epidemiology; population and quantitative genomics; genomic (personalized) medicine
Meaningful Measurement Inc. (Donna Surges Tatum) Chicago, IL, USA donnatatum x meaningfulmeasurement.com Facets www.meaningfulmeasurement.com
Measurement Incorporatedc
(Craig Deville)
Chicago, IL, USA cdeville x measinc.com Winsteps, Facets www.measurementinc.com
Amy Mericle Philadelphia, PA amy_mericle x yahoo.com Winsteps, Facets, Stata, SPSS, MPLUS Rasch measurement development, DIF, standard setting
Ed Miller Austin, Texas, USA edmiller x austin.rr.com Winsteps, SAS, EQS K-12 assessment, equating practice and issues, general psychometrics
Dr. Manuel Jorge Gonzalez Montesinos
Universidad de Sonora (UNISON)
Universidad Autonoma de Baja California (UABC)
Instituto Nacional para la Evaluacion de la Educacion (INEE)
Sonora, Mexico
mgm x caborca.uson.mx WINSTEPS, FACETSAll phases of Rasch analysis
Spanish, English
Mark H. Moulton Bay Area, California pythiasconsulting x gmail.com Winsteps, Facets, SPSS, NOUS, Python Program evaluation, assessment, equating, personality profiling, knowledge discovery, multidimensional datasets, NOUS algorithms, custom applications. www.eddata.com/resources/publications/
Rusminah bt Musliman Malaysia rusminah70 x yahoo.com.my Winsteps, SPSS Item analysis (Validity, Reliability, DIF)
Malay, English
Zoon Naqvi
Center for Education Research and Evaluation
Columbia University Medical Center
New York, NY
zoonaqvi x hotmail.com
zn2101 x columbia.edu
Facets; Winsteps, SPSS, Lisrel, HLM Item analysis, factor analysis, research designs
Carlos A. Pardo Adames
Universidad Catòlica de Colombia
Bogotà, Colombia capardo x ucatolica.edu.co
carantpar x gmail. com
Winsteps, Facets, Amos, ConQuest Evidence Center Test Design, Educational Assessment, Measurement, Test-scale development, Suicide Ideation Assessment
Gerardo Prieto
Facultad de Psicología
Universidad de Salamanca
Salamanca, Spain gprieto x usal.es Winsteps Psychometrics
Spanish, basic Portuguese
Larry Price Canyon Lake, Texas lprice x txstate.edu SAS, SPSS, Bilog, Parscale, Bigsteps, ConQuest, Multilog, and much more Psychometrics, Bayesian IRT, Testlet Response Theory, DIF, Certification/Licensure Testing
Martha Rocha G. Bogotá, Colombia mrocha x icfes.gov.co Winsteps Educational Assessment: Test Design. Test Development. Data Analysis. Use of Outcomes.
Spanish - Basic English
Prof. Dr. Antonio J. Rojas Tejada
Área de Metodología de las Ciencias del Comportamiento
Departamento de Ciencias Humanas y Sociales
Facultad de Psicología
04120 Almería. España. UE.
arojas x ual.es SPSS, Winsteps Polytomous Rasch Models, scale/test development, surveys research
Spanish, English
Kenneth Royal Lexington, KY kdroya2 x yahoo.com Winsteps, SPSS Surveys/questionnaires; instrument validation studies; test/exam scoring (certification/licensure, education); assessment and evaluation studies
Randall Schumacker University of Alabama rschumacker x ua.edu Winsteps, Facets Rasch Measurement (Binary, Partial Credit, Rating Scale Analysis), Computer Adaptive Testing, Assessment, Surveys, Tests, Training Evaluation, Program Evaluation
Hyunsoo Seol Seoul, Korea snow x cau.ac.kr WINSTEPS, RUMM 2020 Rasch Measurement
Korean, English
Roland H Simons Brisbane, Australia roland.simons x ardjuna.com Winsteps, SPSS, LISREL Survey/Test construction, psychometrics, validation, research methods, and sampling.
Everett V. Smith Chicago, IL, USA evsmith x uic.edu Winsteps, Facets, Conquest Measurement, Evaluation, Statistics, and Assessment
Steve Stemler Middletown, Connecticut, USA steven.stemler x wesleyan.edu Winsteps, Facets, Quest sstemler.web.wesleyan.edu/stemlerlab/stemler_cv.html
Psychometric Laboratory on Human Intelligence & Social Behavior
Dr Aliyu R. Taiwo Nigeria aliyutaiwo2013 x gmail.com
taiwo_aliyu x yahoo.com
Winsteps, SPSS, Multilog, Parscale, X-clibre, Bilog MG Item Bank, Item Analysis ( Validity, Reliability, DIF, 3-PL models of IRT), Rasch model, Data Analysis generally and Research Methods etc.
Alberto M. Torreblanca V. Lima, Peru alberto x torreblanca.pe
alberto.torreblanca x pucp.pe
Winsteps, Facets, JMetrik, R Survey and Test development and analysis. Equating. DIF analysis. Sample design. Rasch family models. Classical Test Theory. Spanish and English.
Agustin Tristan
Instituto de Evaluacion e Ingenieria Avanzada
Mexico (offices in El Salvador, Colombia and Panama)
ici_kalt x yahoo.com Winsteps, AMOS,HLM,KALT Survey and Test construction for education, nursing and health areas. Psychometrics and biostatistics, validation, research methods, and sampling. Rasch from beginners. Classical test theory.
Spanish, French, Italian, English
Kuo-chang Wang Taipei, Taiwan wangkc x ntnu.edu.tw winsteps, facets, sas, spss, lisrel, eqs Biostat
Chinese, English
Dr Julie Winstanley Sydney, Australia juliewinstanley x osmanconsulting.com.au RUMM2030 and SPSS (preliminary PCA's) Development and testing of robust psychometric instruments (particularly Health related QOL) through all phases (development of items, piloting and field testing new instruments)
Chong Ho Yu (Alex) Phoenix, Arizona chonghoyu x gmail.com Winsteps, Bilog, SAS, JMP, DataDesk www.creative-wisdom.com
IRT, item bank
Chinese, English
Aminawati Zahara Bt Mohamad Malaysia aminawati74 x yahoo.co.uk Winsteps, SPSS IRT, Item analysis (validity, DIF)
English and Malay

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Rasch Models: Foundations, Recent Developments, and Applications, Fischer & Molenaar Journal of Applied Measurement Rasch models for measurement, David Andrich Constructing Measures, Mark Wilson Rasch Analysis in the Human Sciences, Boone, Stave, Yale
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