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Free Evaluation, Student, Trial and Demonstration (Demo) Version of WINSTEPS

Free by Download


MINISTEP is a reduced version of WINSTEPS. It has complete WINSTEPS functionality, but is limited to 25 items and 75 persons (cases). You may copy, distribute and use it without charge or time-limit. Of course, we hope you will want to purchase the full version of WINSTEPS (which can analyze 60,000 items and 10,000,000 persons).

Get started with Winsteps Tutorial PDFs

  1. Ministep: Standard Download
    Download MinistepInstall.exe
    Ministep: Secure Download from
    Download https://.../MinistepInstall.exe
  2. "Save as" "c:\windows\desktop\MinistepInstall.exe"
  3. Click on "MinistepInstall.exe" on your desktop to install MINISTEP, the free student/evaluation/demo version of Winsteps
    MINISTEP will start automatically.
  4. Delete "MinistepInstall.exe"
  5. Click on "Ministep" icon on desktop to run MINISTEP
  6. Installation problems?


Winsteps Control and Data set-up screen
Click here for bigger picture.

Useful books are "Applying the Rasch model", "Best Test Design" and "Rating Scale Analysis" available from

Ministep Installation problems?


Companion to Bond & Fox, 1st Edn., "Applying the Rasch Model". Step-by-step through their examples using Ministep.

Free DOS precursor to WINSTEPS, called BIGSTEPS. Contains most features. Runs from DOS prompt. Analyses up to 3000 items and 20000 persons (cases). Please copy, distribute and use.

Free Excel scatterplot point labeling add-in, called XY Chart Labeler 97.xla developed by Rob Bovey

Freeware NotePad++ text editor (better replacement for NotePad)


WINSTEPS-MINISTEP User Manual and On-Line Help

  1. Get started with Winsteps-Ministep Tutorial PDFs

  2. Go to WINSTEPS Online Help

  3. Download Winsteps User Manual PDF: Download Winsteps Manuals


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