Specification Index

% include files

Anchor output file =

Arrangement by Number/Alpha/Measure/Fit/PBS (Asc./Desc.) = mN, fN, N

ASCII output table display format =

Barcharts output = Yes

Batch processing = No

Beep sound = No

Bias (direction: difficulty/ability/omit) = Difficulty

Center facet =

Convergence (criteria to end iteration) = .5, .01

CSV output format = " "

Data file name = facets.dat

Delements element type =

Dvalues for data facet =

Entry order of facets in data = 1,2,3,4,5,..

Facets in data = 2

Fair score based on = Mean

Glabel group label=

Graph plotting file name = " "," "

Hardware = 80

Heading lines = Y

Inter-rater agreement coefficients = 0

Iterations (stop after) = 0

Juxtapose (column headings after every this many lines) = 0

Keep as null element = 0

Labels of facets and elements =

Left-hand placement of row labels = No

Missing data codes =

Model to be used in the analysis = ?,?,D

Negatively-oriented facet =

Newton-Raphson = 0

Noncenter facet = 1

Null element number = 0

Output results/anchors/residuals =

Positively-oriented facet = 1

Pt-biserial correlation =Yes

QM quotation marks around labels =

Query to monitor matching of data to models = No

Rating scale (or Response model) =

Replication character = R

Residuals output file=

Score output files name and CSV status = " "," "

SE (standard error is Model/Real) = Model

Show unobserved elements = No

Simulated data file=

Subset detection = Yes

T3onscreen show only one line on screen iteration report = Y

T4maximum number of residuals in Table 4 = 100

T8NBC Table 8 Numbers-Barcharts-Curves = NBC

Tables are displayed after main analysis = Yes

Title for each results table =

Totalscore (includes extreme responses) = No

Udecimals (decimal places) = 2

Umean (user mean, scale, decimal places) = 0, 1, 2

Unexpected (standardized residuals reported, if not less than) = 3

Uscale (measure scaling) = 1

Usort sort order of unexpected responses = u

Vertical rulers in results file = 1A,2A,3A,4A,..

Whexact exact fit standardization = Yes

Write iteration details in results file = No

Xtreme (score adjustment) = 0.3, 0.5

Yardstick (columns,lines,low, high) = 80,,,

Zscore minimum for reported bias terms (bias/zscore) = 0, 0

Help for Facets Rasch Measurement Software: www.winsteps.com Author: John Michael Linacre.

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